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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shellfish Lobbyist Complains of Lobbying to Create a Marine Sanctuary

Bob Rheault
Shellfish Lobbyist
"My lobbying is different."

Bob Rheault, shellfish lobbyist and head of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association (ECSGA), has complained about the creation of a marine sanctuary in Massachusetts. Apparently "surprised" at the state's House action (it must still be passed by the Senate) he has begun a lobbying campaign himself, intended to show this is little more than the "affluent" attempting to keep "muddy people" out of the waters and tidelands in the area. Apparently he believes the lobbying he does for his industry to be allowed to go wherever, whenever, and do whatever, is different.

Shellfish industry lobbying is different.
They also serve oysters.
"Our legislators have a healthy appetite for good oysters."

"buy off the legislature"
In his political press to prevent the sanctuary's creation Mr. Rheault attempts to frame the political process as the affluent buying politicians off. He apparently forgets his trips to Washington DC  where his "walk on the hill" with his "legislative agenda" in hand is pressed on politicians. There, oysters are used as "hard currency" to influence the political process at the many banquets the industry sponsors.
 It's structure so it's good.

"the gear provides excellent habitat"
He claims the plastic mesh bags create "structure" which creates an artificial reef. He ignores the reality that this "structure" first transforms the habitat they are placed in. More importantly he ignores the reality that this so called "reef" is destroyed when the bags are removed at harvest time.

"dirty muddy people"
He describes shellfish workers as little more than "dirty muddy people" who he believes people do not wish to look at. Mr. Rheault's employees may want to ask how he perceives them the next time he tells them during a winter's low tide at midnight in a storm that it's time to go harvest oysters for him and his political friends.

politics is messy
Industry lobbyist Mr. Rheault may want to consider how he is perceived when he expresses his deep concerns over political lobbying. Especially when it is over trying to protect the marine environment his wealth is derived from.

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