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Governor Inslee:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bill Moyers Interviews David Suzuki on the Corporate Press to Redefine Environmentalism

Bill Moyers Interviews David Suzuki

Anyone who has listened to or read the corporate lobbyists try and create a "modern environmentalist" to justify why a commercial operation should be allowed in Drakes Estero, part of the Philip Burton Wilderness Area, will find Bill Moyers' interview with David Suzuki on point. In it they discuss the current press by corporate interests to undo decades of work meant to ensure future generations will have some sense of what wilderness and nature truly are.

As put by Al Bergstein on the Olympic Peninsula Environmental News site:
"a coordinated attack on environmentalists from a huge number of media outlets, paid for by corporations that profit from environmentally destructive practices, and backed by billionaires who also profit from the status quo, has effectively countered many of the arguments for progress."
In the case of Drakes Estero, an agreement that a commercial operation would end in 2012 is now being framed by corporate interests as a "small business operator" being pushed off of public lands by environmental "zealots" whose goal, in fact, is to see the completion of the Philip Burton Wilderness Area. It is a goal which has been fought by corporate lobbyists whose goal is nothing more than to put in place a template to gain access to other wilderness areas throughout the United States.  Wilderness areas intended to be protected for future generations, not for commercial exploitation.

Get involved. You can help complete the creation of the Philip Burton Wilderness Area by donating to the West Marin Environmental Action Committee.
[Update 5/12: Corrected Mr. Moyers' name.]

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