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Governor Inslee:

Friday, May 24, 2013

South Puget Sound's Extreme Low/High Tides of Memorial Weekend

Olympia Times/Elevations (click here for an interactive tidal/current map of all Puget Sound)

Saturday: 12:34 PM  -3.6   7:36  +15.4 (elevation change of 19 feet)
Sunday: 1:20 PM  -3.9 8:25PM  +15.8 (elevation change of 19.7 feet)
Monday: 2:08 PM -3.7 9:14PM + 15.9 (elevation change of 19.6 feet)

This weekend south Puget Sound will experience extreme low tides dropping to a low of -3.9 on Sunday, followed by a high tide +15.8. This change in elevation of near 20' is one of the largest of the year in all of Puget Sound, surpassed only by that seen next month.

(click on the above for an interactive chart
showing elevation changes and current speeds)

This epic flow of water into and out of south Puget Sound results in current speeds through the Tacoma Narrows of over 7.5 knots, topped only by Deception Pass at 8 knots. Currents in Hammersley Inlet are over 4 knots with whirlpools forming in all three passages.

Experience this part of Puget Sound which is rarely possible during the daylight  hours.

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