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Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 Shellfish Nurseries in Oakland Bay Marina Proposed by City of Shelton Ammendment to Draft Shoreline Master Program

The Mason County Journal reported that at a public hearing held May 6 the City of Shelton announced it was considering amending its draft of the updated Shoreline Master Program in order to allow up to 10 of Oakland Bay Marina's boathouses to be converted to shellfish nurseries. (see page 2/3 here for amendment) In the comments about the amendment it is noted there have already been 2 permits for conversion from public use to private commercial use, with 3 more being considered. The first reading of the proposed amendment and updated SMP will be held at the commission's May 28 meeting.
Oakland Bay Marina and Existing Nursery
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While City Planner Jason Dose felt the conversion was "a fairly benign use" he did acknowledge  they were "pushing the envelope" by suggesting 10 boathouses be converted. It wasn't clear whether there are any "liveaboards" currently using any of the boathouses and how they feel about the commercial operations.
Members of the public present expressed a variety of concerns, one being the conversion of that portion of the marina to private commercial use, preventing public access. Impacts on tourism was another area focused on as was the need to upgrade the infrastructure, with water pressure being described as providing "a teaspoon per hour." Commissioner Mike Olsen also pointed out that the Oakland Bay Marina is the only public marina in Shelton.
One alternative suggested was to add an additional float. Another suggestion may be to simply expand the nursery facility already in operation further away from the marina, near the Manke gravel barge loading area, already converted to private commercial use.
Shellfish companies covet the area as it has power, a necessity for "upwellers" used in nurseries, and it is adjacent to a public boat launch which they use for loading and off-loading equipment.
At the May 28 hearing, the City will explain how the amendment meets the first two goals from Chapter 3, "Shoreline Master Program Goals and Policies".
3.1 General Shoreline Goals
SMP1.1. Adequately protect and preserve shoreline areas from incompatible types and intensities of development. Reserve shoreline areas for water-related uses. [is growing shellfish in a marina a "compatible" development?]

SMP 1.2. Increase public access to shoreline areas by increasing the opportunities for the public to reach, touch and enjoy the water’s edge, travel on the waters of the state and view the water and shoreline from adjacent locations. [does removing 15% of the boathouses from public access increase opportunities?]

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