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Friday, May 31, 2013

Drakes Bay Oyster: A New Paint Job Doesn't Change What's Underneath

Nothing is Free
New Paint Changes Nothing
"From the Pacific Legal Foundation"

With Drakes Bay Oyster's severing ties with Cause of Action has come a renewed effort to dismiss the contractual agreement which DBOC entered into when it purchased the Johnson Oyster Company. That agreement, signed and dated by the current owners of DBOC, was that the only commercial operation preventing the completion of the shoreline wilderness area which Congress created would cease in 2012. The current process in place, if allowed, will result in a political template being created which will be used to allow commercial operations - of all types - in wilderness areas created under the Wilderness Act. This is a fact.

One of the articles on this split reflects the operator's belief that with this separation will come an unveiling of a new picture, an image of naivety over what Cause of Action was and what a relationship with them would bring.
Although Mr. Lunny said he is sad to lose what he described as Cause of Action’s “fantastic legal assistance,” he acknowledged that the group has motives that he does not share. “They have goals that they’re trying to achieve that are bigger and more broad. That kind of became clear in their letter to PBS,” he said.
Dr. Goodman said he hopes the conversation about Drakes Bay shifts from a “narrative of conspiracies” and political agendas to the issues at hand. “It certainly is going to take one of their big narratives away,” he said of environmentalists. Point Reyes Light, 5/30/2013 (owned by Marin Media Institute,co-founded by Dr. Goodman)  

A new paint job does not change what is underneath the paint. The Pacific Legal Foundation stepping into the newly painted Trojan Horse will not help change the image - or reality - of what is at play any more than a new paint job will change the fact that this commercial operation is far more expansive than a simple hot dog stand. Further, it does not change the fact that this commercial operation is all that is standing in the way of completing the creation of the wilderness area Congress intended for everyone to enjoy and the current owners agreed to that fact when they purchased it.

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