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Governor Inslee:

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fudge Point State Park: Parks and Recreation Adds 48 acres to 136 and Approves Classification and Management Plan

Fudge Point State Park, Harstine Island
Almost Complete

Upland acquisition of lands for Fudge Point State Park complete
The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board has awarded $368,750 to acquire an additional 48 acres of uplands on Harstine Island. This acquisition will bring almost all uplands and tidelands under the Parks and Recreation ownership, creating an upland State Park of over 180 acres with access to almost 3,700 feet of waterfront in south Puget Sound on the eastern shoreline of Harstine Island. Views of Mount Ranier to the south and the Olympics to the north are spectacular. Fresh water ouflows from upland wetlands creates a unique transitional habitat to experience. Upland camping facilities will provide overnight experiences in the quiet of an isolated area. While an existing geoduck farm exists within the lower tidelands of the lagoon area, it is unlikely to present a problem for access from the water. 
Fudge Point State Park Lagoon
April 19, 2011 (looking south)
(before Taylor Shellfish geoduck farm)
Access for all the public to Washington's marine habitat and unique upland areas on Harstine Island comes closer to reality
July 22 the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission unanimously approved the land classification and management plan for Fudge Point State Park. An attempt to pass an amendment which would have removed overnight camping and cabins from the plan was rejected by a 6 to 1 vote. Parks and Recreation will now be able to begin work on improving access roads, developing outdoor camping spots and cabins for overnight use, parking facilities for day use, interpretive centers, and restroom facilities (see the July 2015 Final Recommendation here). For complete planning, steps taken and history, visit the Fudge Point Planning site here.
Long term development pland
of Fudge Point State Park
Get involved. Great things can happen when you are.

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  1. The sign at the corner of E Harstine Is Rd and Ballow Rd has two signs attached that says, "No State Park Access", signs that lack any State Parks logo which means, I think, they were put up by residents on the island who object to public use of public lands.