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Governor Inslee:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DNR Tideland Leasing - Who is managing who? Part 2: DNR negotiates geoduck tideland leases with an inactive/administratively dissolved LLC.

Kent Kingman, owner of Minterbrook Oyster
and the administratively dissolved (2012)

Case Cove LLC, "inactive" since October 1, 2012 
"Administratively dissolved
for failure to file an annual report."
Secretary of State

Kent Kingman's 'Case Cove LLC' - "Inactive" since October 1, 2012, and administratively dissolved. But good enough for DNR to negotiate terms and new contracts with for geoduck tideland leases beginning in 2013.
DNR documents released (files are large) reveal how convenient the various players in the geoduck industry make it for each other, and how convenient the state's Department of Natural Resources makes things, including negotiations with Kent Kingman's non-existent LLC. In the requests for proposals, rights to a DNR parcel in front of Kent Kingman's unpermitted shellfish operation were won by Brian Allen in 2006. Mr Allen's offered 12% and a price per acre  of $1,250/acre/year. Mr Allen agreed to give up his winning proposal ("for a piece") and DNR, beginning in December 2013, started re-negotiating with Mr Kingman's non-existent LLC, ending up agreeing to terms lower than originally offered by Mr Allen. (See the Washington State's Secretary of State website  showing Mr Kingman's Case Cove LLC being inactive since October of 2012).

Brian Allen's 2006 winning proposal -
12% and $1,250/acre.

Terms from DNR offered 12/5/2013 
to Mr Kingman's "inactive" Case Cove LLC
"...and the base rent is offered at $1,000/acre/year..."
(20% lower - and Mr Kingman still complains  - 
see the end of this post)

Mr Kingman's "Inactive" Case Cove LLC,
represented as still active.
(received at DNR 12/20/2013)
Secretary of State? It's inactive and dissolved.

Mr Kingman's Inactive on Resolving
Shoreline Violations As Well 

Kent Kingman's unpermitted shellfish farm, 
bulkhead, deck, remodeled cabin, retaining wall, etc.
Inactive on violations
December 2013: Settlement agreement signed.
June 2015: Not resolved.
Perhaps too busy working on a permit 
for his "oyster bar" in Purdy to get around to it?

I'll hold the lease but Taylor Shellfish will do the permitting
In notes released to the public from DNR, in a conversation with Mr Kingman about what the relationship of his "inactive" Case Cove LLC is with Taylor Shellfish, it was written:
1-14-15 BHL- I spoke to Kent today and found out that he will be the leaseholder, and Taylor will do the permitting at this point but he is paying for that service. (DNR Notes related to the now inactive Case Cove LLC)
 - or not.
But in a letter to Pierce County dated June 10, 2015, Taylor Shellfish states it is now withdrawing its permitting efforts for geoduck farming on the Kingman parcels, adjacent to those those the "inactive" Case Cove LLC is in negotiations with DNR about. The letter from Taylor Shellfish states it would be best to get his unpermitted farm "...in good order." Good idea in 2013 and still a good idea in 2015.

Subtidal Management by DNR?

Seattle Shellfish Tidelands
Leased from Mason County
(outlined in red)
(from DNR)

Current geoduck "seed" being planted
by Seattle Shellfish

Meanwhile, subtidally, wild populations are stripped from DNR "managed" tidelands and not replanted
While DNR negotiates with non-existent LLC's whose "permitting partners" are no longer permitting geoduck farming on the "owner's" tidelands, it has been reported Chelsea Sea Farms and the Detiennes are appealing their permit denial, affirmed by the courts, for their subtidal farm. In addition, Seattle Shellfish reports to the Corps they will be planting with divers. DNR? Well, that's something they apparently can't do. Instead, the few public tidelands still available are being leased to geoduck farmers. And LLC's who do not exist and whose owner complains about their previously offered terms now being too high.

Kent Kingman: "Expressed the % wholesale state royalty
should be re-evaluated..." How about thrown out?
(click to enlarge)

Get involved - Commissioner Goldmark's email: CPL@dnr.wa.gov
Tell Peter Goldmark he was not elected - twice - as the Commissioner for Public Lands to allow the aquatics division to continue as it was before he was elected. It's time for DNR to first manage their subtidal tidelands like their forest lands and require replanting, then open more intertidal tidleands to the public.

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