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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Drakes Bay Oyster Company: Is this really who you want to include in your circle of friends?

"I wouldn't consider myself a liberal,
all my friends are." Kevin Lunny, April 19

Most likely your friends also
believe we live in a land of law.
Mr. Lunny's belief in the court of law
Kevin Lunny was recently interviewed by KSCO's Michael Zwerling ("MZ") about the pending court decision on whether the California Coastal Commission (CCC) may enforce the Coastal Act's regulations. He has every right to challenge the CCC's decision in court, just as he has every right to challenge the Department of Interior's decision to not renew his lease in court. While both agency decisions are being challenged in court, Mr. Lunny has been allowed to continue his commercial operation in Drakes Estero, part of the Philip Burton Wilderness Area.

In the interview with "MZ" the Bundy family's trespass on public lands in Nevada was brought up by a number of callers. Those callers presented a very different way of dealing with agency decisions. A way which Mr. Lunny's friends may not agree with.

Mr. Bundy's belief in entitlement
For those unfamiliar with Mr. Bundy, he believes he is entitled to graze his cattle on public lands without paying fees to the owner/manager of those lands, the Bureau of Land Management. It is a belief the courts have told him is incorrect. His refusal to remove those cattle from the public lands resulted in an escalation of actions and emotions to the point of armed militia showing up on horseback. The Bureau of Land Management chose to not put people in harm's way and told their employees to leave the area. Mr. Bundy continues to believe in his entitlement and grazes his cattle on public land without paying fees as other ranchers do, including those on Point Reyes.

Callers' beliefs in the "court of guns"
A number of callers suggested directly that this was how Mr. Lunny should handle his challenges with the Coastal Commission and the National Park Service. Callers hoping people would "arm up," another wishing things were not done "peacefully" any longer, and that "guns were not for hunting" were reflective of numerous comments which "MZ" allowed to go on the air unchallenged. Mr. Lunny also chose to allow the comments go unchallenged.

Mr. Lunny's choice of friends
Mr. Lunny and his family have chosen to allow the courts to make the decision on whether the commercial shellfish operation will be allowed to continue operating in the Philip Burton Wilderness Area. They should carefully think through whether they wish to expand their friendship circle to include those who feel the threat of armed violence is how a decision should be made in a land of law.

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  1. This has crossed my mind as well. Would it be OK for the the supporters of Drake's Bay Oyster Company to be armed? How about the Occupy Wall Street crowd?