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Friday, April 11, 2014

Daylight Minus Tides in South Puget Sound Are Arriving - Go See What Only Puget Sound can Provide

There's a whole different world exposed 
when the tide is out which is worth protecting.
Get out to see what is only
visible during the minus tides.
Tide Charts on the Web

The first minus tides of 2014 will be arriving April 16th. The first set of low tides will fall to -1.6 on Friday the 18th at 2:47PM. At the end of April another set of minus tides will begin, also having the lowest at -1.6. There are a number of web sites which provide tidal information which are listed below. Some are able to provide more site specific information, others are more general. All are helpful to know when the lowest tidelands will be exposed, many on the weekends. Get out and experience what only Puget Sound is able to provide - a world in which species have adapted to survive in both water and air.

Dairiki will allow both monthly and daily tide charts. The times are based on Olympia. Oakland Bay (Shelton) is about 1 1/4 hours later (see NOAA site below for site specific information).

Tide Table for April, 2014
Olympia Times
Note: Not for navigation.
(click to enlarge)
Friday April 18, 2014
Deepzoom provides an interactive map of Puget Sound which shows currents and tidal elevations throughout the area. Below is an image from Friday, April 18 showing current flows during the flood tide following the -1.6 earlier in the day. You are able to set a variety of time scales and speeds, as well as zoom in to various locations.

From Deepzoom interactive site.
(click to enlarge)
NOAA provides a third alternative which allows for the choice of a number of stations throughout all of Puget Sound. Below is the April tide chart with the daily graph for each day. Choices allow for daily, weekly or monthly graphing and choice of locations (click on Washington, scroll down to Puget Sound, and make selection).

at Vaughn, Case Inlet
(click to enlarge)

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