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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Naval Oil Spill in Hood Canal Spreads From Bangor to Hood Canal Bridge

[Update 2/20: The Department of Health continues to maintain a harvest advisory for the area 2 miles south of the naval facility north to the Hood Canal bridge. In addition, they continue the emergency closure of the intertidal and subtidal area along the eastern shoreline adjacent to the naval facility. As of 2/20 the Department of Ecology (DOE) has not publically released results of its water samples.]
Harvest Advisory/Closure as of 2/18
(From DOH website 2/20)

[Update 2/13: Inside Bainbridge's Julie Hall provides a detailed update on the estimated 2,000 gallon spill of oily bilge water into Hood Canal. She notes that a hotline has been established for citizens to report wildlife and/or beach damage: 1-800-22BiRDS.]

[Update 2/12: The Navy has acknowledged it underestimated the gallons of oily bilge water spilled into Hood Canal. Initially it had reported only 150 gallons were spilled but KOMO news has now reported they agree with DOH and DOE estimates of 2,000 gallons. Now is when we see whether the Community Engagement in Oil Spill Response and Readiness workshops recently held translate into meaningful action.]
The goal of the workshop is to “educate the general public and local officials about oil spills in the marine environment, who is engaged in Incident Command, how incident response decisions are made and how members of the public can become involved in spill response.” (Peninsula Daily News, January 24, 2014 on the upcoming workshop to be held.)

Oil Slick in Hood Canal
Photo: Department of Ecology

The Department of Health has reported that an oil spill into Hood Canal from an operation at the Bangor Naval Base has occurred. It is unclear how much entered the waters, with DOH reporting up to 2,000 gallons may have been spilled and KOMO news reporting 150 gallons. Oil has been seen as far north as the Hood Canal bridge, a distance of over 10 miles, with the Department of Ecology reporting oil in the Port Ludlow area, an distance of over 16 miles from Bangor.  DOH has advised shellfish operators to cease harvesting in the area. In addition to a number of shellfish beds, Taylor Shellfish's primary hatchery is also nearby.

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