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Governor Inslee:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Geoduck Exports to Vietnam Skyrocket: Smart Marketing or a Back Door to China?

The Seattle Times has reported that geoduck exports to Vietnam have skyrocketed from 16,371 pounds in December, 2012 to 117,983 pounds in December of 2013, the month China banned importing of geoduck from Puget Sound due to elevated levels of arsenic. Department of Health testing confirmed the skin did have levels of arsenic above what China considers safe and China confirmed its citizens do consume the skin. The Chinese have since requested additional information on shellfish safety programs, leaving the ban in place.

Vietnam and Hong Kong: Smart marketing or a back door to China?
When China announced the ban  on Puget Sound's geoduck December 5 the amount imported  dropped from 385,802 pounds in December 2012 to 282,216 pounds in December of 2013 (January's export data will not be released until March 7). The Associated Press reported that the Suquamish Tribe has now brought back all of its divers with their product now being shipped to Hong Kong. Robin Jordan, marketing expert for the Suquamish Tribe owned Port Madison Enterprises, is reported to have responded "Where they go after that is uncertain."

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