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Governor Inslee:

Friday, April 26, 2013

Drakes Bay Oyster Company to California: "Oops, I meant to say ..."

Darned Math

In what appears to be the latest attempt by Drakes Bay Oyster Company to prevent creation of the only Congressionally designated national seashore wilderness on the west coast they have revealed to the California Fish and Game Commission that they made a small mistake. Instead of estimated cleanup costs being the $10,000 they have been reporting for the past 7 years to the Commission, it instead may cost up to $600,000. Apparently they also feel taxpayers should be responsible for it despite their knowing their right to use Drakes Estero would end in 2012.

With new numbers out on the table, perhaps the Commission might consider looking at the past 7 years of payments received over those years of Drakes Estero occupancy allowed before their right to use Drakes Estero tidelands and waters ended. In addition to the sudden increase in estimated cleanup costs, Drakes Bay Oyster Company has also estimated they have over 19 million oysters in Drakes Estero. An audit using those numbers may reveal Drakes Bay Oyster Company has made another miscalculation. Also at the expense of California taxpayers.

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