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Governor Inslee:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drakes Bay Oyster Company Sues the California Coastal Commission

Trust us, this is the same as wilderness.
(picture from Coastal Commission hearing)

Willingly or not, in another sign of Drakes Bay Oyster Company believing they don't have to follow the same regulations as others who own coastal property, the Lunny family has chosen to sue the California Coastal Commission. As reported in February, "The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously on February 7th [2013] to issue a unilateral Cease and Desist Order against the Drakes Bay Oyster Company (DBOC). The Coastal Commission's Order states that, “DBOC violated multiple provisions of the 2007 Consent Order, through its actions and its failures to act,” including for ongoing unpermitted development, violations of harbor seal protection requirements, failure to control significant amounts of its plastic that has polluted the marine environment, failure to pay fines imposed in 2009 for illegal activities, and failure to correct ongoing violations of the California Coastal Act despite repeated notices from the Commission." Their reaction to the cease and desist order? File a lawsuit. [click here for press release]

DBOC: We don't
need permits. We're different.
(pictures from 2/7/13 Commission Hearing)


Oysters covered with invasive tunicates
which are spread throughout Drakes Estero
through DBOC shellfish harvesting,
harming native shellfish and habitat.

The Lunny family allows themselves to be used by well funded conservative groups such as Cause of Action. Their donors remain hidden behind a legal cloak which will eventually be pierced. Many of these donors are directly tied to corporations who believe regulatory oversight is good, as long as it isn't them being regulated. Footprints in the sand lead directly to the shellfish industry and the oil industry. What strange bedfellows, both preventing the only shoreline wilderness area on the west coast from being created as Congress intended it be.

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