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Governor Inslee:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Plan Ahead: Lowest Daylight Minus Tides in May Are Coming - PVC Tubes and Nets Have to be Out

Can PVC tubes and netting planted during 2013's
-4.0 tides be removed during a -2.7 low tide?
Get your cameras and find out.
Did geoduck growers plan ahead? Find out if they can meet their permit requirements for tube/netting removal after 2 years.
Some of the lowest daylight minus tides of the year will occur this month, reaching a low of -2.7 at 1:20PM on May 19. Only July 3's -2.9 will be lower. Geoduck farmers will be in a rush trying to remove tubes and netting planted in 2013 during lows of -4.0, a level which won't be reached for years. Will they be able to remove all tubes/nets placed that deep?

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