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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Drakes Bay Oyster Company: Let the Taxpayers Clean Up the Mess

The National Park Service has released its report inventorying what was left behind by shellfish industry member Drakes Bay Oyster Company and its owner, Mr. Lunny, in Drakes Estero, part of the Phillip Burton Wilderness. For taxpayers to clean up while he starts a new restaurant with the profits gained while stalling the closure of his operation for 2 years.

 One of the many images 
from the NPS report.

Thank you Mr. Lunny.

Plastic pollution from the shellfish industry is a real problem and the "cowboys in the tidelands" don't care enough about it. They feel entitled to the use of a resource all taxpayers help to exist: clean and healthy water. Federal and state regulators should not allow politicians to be caught up in lobbyist's "stories" and "messages" which try to "frame" this industry as providing "3 dimensional structures" and "habitat" through their actions.

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