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Monday, September 23, 2013

[Updated] National Park Service Disclaimer on Seal Monitoring Updates and Drakes Bay Oyster Company Supporter Sarah Rolph

[Update: In response to Chris Miller, Sarah Rolph has acknowledged that it is an overstatement to say the disclaimer “isn’t found on any previous science reports from the Park Service at Point Reyes.” In fact, it is simply false. People might consider investigating further who Sarah Rolph is and the political foundation on which she stands. For one example, consider this story on the The Daily Kos site about how she and her husband/companion Michael Hutchins, with other Ayn Rand supporters of the Ayn Rand Institute, manipulated reviews on a book unfavorable about Ms Rand, Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul. Ironic is this sort of manipulation makes up the body of Ms Rolph's amicus brief submitted to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Further, West Marin Citizen, and citizens of Marin County should question just who they are allowing into their network of "reporters."]

Sarah Rolph and Oysterzone Grossly Misstate The Facts
On Park Service Monitoring Update Report

Sarah Rolph, a resident of Carlisle, MA and corporate "story teller" who has provided misleading articles for West Marin Citizen and Jane Gyorgy's "Oysterzone" blog site recently commented on the National Park Service' Harbor Seal Monitoring Updates. That interim update, with others issued throughout the year, is used in part to develop a final annual report on the status of Harbor seal populations in Point Reyes National Seashore area, of which Drakes Estero is part and within which the Drakes Bay Oyster Company is operating, thereby preventing the completion of the only shoreline wilderness area on the west coast (excluding Alaska).

Ms. Rolph's Statement
I was fascinated to see that the Park Service’s seal-count report includes a disclaimer, saying that the data and related graphics “are not legal documents and are not intended to be used as such” and “The National Park Service gives no warranty, expressed or  implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data.”
This disclaimer isn’t found on any previous science reports from the Park Service at Point Reyes. I find it ironic that they would offer it now, given the clear deficiencies of many of their scientific efforts.
[Refers to: http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/4301/0]

The Facts
The disclaimer which Ms. Rolph declares "isn't found on any previous science reports from the Park Service" is in fact spread throughout the years on numerous Monitoring Updates, exactly as this one. Had Ms. Rolph and Ms. Gyorgy spent a modicum of time researching these reports, their purpose, and what they represent, instead of attempting to smear the National Park Service and others who support the creation of the shoreline wilderness with unfounded claims and vague assertions this would not have occurred. But Ms. Rolph chose to simply write without researching, similar to the reporter she wrote so belittlingly about in the West Marin Citizen who inaccurately reported a 2012 outbreak of vibriosis traced to Drakes Bay Oyster Company oyster was in 2013. It comes around.

Ms. Rolph is little more than a mouthpiece for conservative groups who care little for the employees of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, and whose "articles" are repeated and re-printed with little to no vetting. It is hardly Pulizter Prize material and a recipe for a flat soufflé.

As the resident from Massachusetts, Ms. Rolph wrote in a recent article in West Marin Citizen:  "These people want control of your community.   Are you going to let them take it?" Good question Sarah. West Marin citizens would do well to ask just what "people" you're referring to.

A few NPS reports with disclaimers Ms. Rolph has failed to "report" on.
Fiscal Year 2009 in Review, http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/1728/0 (p.16)

July http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/1498/0 (p.5)
August http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/1499/0 (p.6)

June http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/2559/0 (p.6)
April http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/2455/0 (p.6)

August http://www.sfnps.org/download_product/2954/0 (p.7)

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