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Monday, August 19, 2013

Is this what Marin County has fallen to?

One of OLT’s [Orient Land Trust's] main goals and reasons for forming was to help preserve naturism [nudism] at VVHS [Valley View Hot Springs] forever. (from Trojan Herring blog site)

Newly created web site focused on dismantling Marin County's
Environmental Action Committee tars the
credibility of Drakes Bay Oyster supporters

Movie producers seek out scripts written like this. Networks salivate for sitcoms with this much humor. Authors wake from sleep wishing they could remember the dream as inspiring as this. What is it? San Juan County's Ed Kilduff's Trojan Heron blog clone, the Trojan Herring, using an anonymous petition complaining about a land trust's Board straying from nudism to attack the Environmental Action Committee. Is this what Marin County wants?
Note: In an "infomercial" Ed Kilduff was interviewed by Marin County's Robin Carpenter on whether San Juan County and Marin County are similar and "why all the name calling" was going on. An earlier post commented on that interview, questioning the depth of reporting.

Bleating like a lost sheep in the field, the Trojan Herring blog site professes to proclaim that an anonymous "petition" with 100 signatures, with the following as one of its main points, is of significance to Marin County:
 The naturist lifestyle, which has been enjoyed for decades at VVHS, is now being altered. Some of the Board’s decisions have resulted in a decrease in naturism at VVHS, to where many of the members no longer feel comfortable practicing naturism. One of OLT’s main goals and reasons for forming was to help preserve naturism at VVHS forever. 

The former members of VVHS were promised before OLT was formed, that the word “naturism” would be placed in the OLT’s mission statement – and that was done. Although partially covered in the deed restriction, the new mission statement omits the word “naturism” entirely and it is no longer one of the mission statement’s goals. 

Clearly, saving nudism at the Hot Springs is not the case today. The new wording to the mission statement and the removal of the word “naturism” is a perfect example of how the original values of VVHS and OLT are being lost.

Maybe in San Juan County Ed Kilduff can motivate people this way. But in Marin County? Apparently it is the Marin County Ed Kilduff and his supporters at Freedom Foundation think it should be. As the Trojan Herring blog site notes:
This website is the sister site to TrojanHeron blogspot — the website for a nearly identical community in the San Juan Islands
Citizens in Marin County need to wake up and see through the fog being created by well paid lobbyists and public relations firms who care little for an oyster farm, but care greatly for commercial operations in designated wilderness areas.

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