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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Drakes Estero and Congressman Huffman: Finally, a Breath of Honesty

In today's Marin Independent Journal, Congressman Jared Huffman brought a breath of fresh honest air to the debate over Drakes Bay Oyster Company's attempt to continue its commercial operation in Drakes Estero. A better example of what the word "integrity" embodies cannot be found elsewhere and is a clear indicator of why Marin County and others he represents should continue to support him.

Congressman Huffman (D, CA)

After having been mischaracterized and mis-quoted by Dr. Corey Goodman, Congressman Huffman felt it was time to speak out. In the Op-Ed he states clearly and with conviction:
Corey Goodman's misleading partial quote is another red flag in a debate where civility and truth have been casualties to strong opinions.
For too long people have allowed this process to be subverted by lobbyists and attorneys who represent industries whose agenda is not wanting to help the Lunny family continue their operation. Attempts by public relations firms to frame the issue as one of "government overreach" or of its being part of a subversive "Agenda 21" would be laughable were it not for the attempts to damage people's integrity which has come with it, intentional or not.

Attorneys' attempts to parse words and pretend the Point Reyes National Seashore was intended to include a commercial operation in perpetuity, covering over 1,000 acres, is great for billing hours. Creating the image of them being no different than a mother coming to the rescue of her injured child is something only a lobbyist could create. In reality, the amount of money spent in legal fees could have easily provided college educations for all of the employees' children or easily paid for relocation of the facilities and a new beginning.

Wanting to prevent the dismantling of the Wilderness Act which will protect Drakes Estero for the future of everyone, not one industry, requires focus and a strength of conviction few have. Standing in the face of a wind generated by political forces whose goal has little, if anything, to do with helping Drakes Bay Oyster Company's employees is a challenge few are willing or able to do. But a few have and those few will have Congressman Huffman to thank for the calm which integrity brings with it.

It is time for everyone in Marin County to take a deep breath of this fresh air.

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