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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

California Fair Political Practices Commission Investigates Koch Brothers

Politico has reported that the California Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating the Koch Brothers. While not specifically related to Cause of Action's legal support for the Drakes Bay Oyster Company it does shine a brighter light on where the funding for Cause of Action is coming from. [click here for complete article]

Charles and David Koch

In the article, "Koch World reboots", Politico notes:
The California investigation is trying to unmask the original source of a mysterious $11 million donation that was funneled through a key Koch conduit in the weeks before Election Day to a California political committee boosting a 2012 ballot measure to restrict union political activity and opposing a separate ballot proposition to raise taxes.
In the larger picture it describes the Koch brothers having called for an audit after having "spent hundreds of millions to win the White House and the Senate — and came up empty." Demonstrating the severity of concern, most likely from large donors who didn't get what they wanted and whose anonymity is now threatened with exposure, "they’re not waiting for the final report for heads to roll."

Dan Epstein

Specific to Drakes Bay Oyster Company, Cause of Action has refused to disclose who its donors are. Headed by Dan Epstein, a former staffer of the "Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation", COA is leading the legal fight in support of DBOC being allowed to continue its commercial operation in the only wilderness shoreline area on the Pacific West Coast.  [click here for East Bay Express article on the Koch connection

It may very well be the Koch Brothers are not supporting Cause of Action who is paying the legal fees incurred in the support of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, begging the question, if they are not, who is? The East Coast Shellfish Growers Association's Vice-President is DBOC owner Kevin Lunny's cousin. The Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association has previously allocated funds to pay for legal fees from their attorney and lobbyist. Shellfish growers who are members of PCSGA certainly have the money, generated from geoduck farming.

Perhaps the California Fair Political Practices Commission should be sure to include the mysterious Cause of Action, Dan Epstein, and its support for Drakes Bay Oyster Company in its investigation.

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