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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Washington and Ocean Acidification: She said What?

"What do you think Governor?"

Country representatives meeting in Qatar over the past two weeks on climate change must now be asking, "She said what?" about Governor Gregoire's answer to why, if Washington was so concerned about CO2 emissions and ocean acidification, they were considering the exporting of hundreds of tons of coal to Asia. [click here for article]. An opportunity to lead the nation, if not the world, in addressing CO2 emissions and climate change fell below flat.

It's more than shellfish.

After the praising of how great the leadership was of all involved on the "Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification" finished, questions were taken. The first one, like many which followed, was directed at the Governor, asking for her opinion on the exporting of coal to southeast Asia through Washington ports. A reasonable question given that the scientists on the panel were clear about the cause of ocean acidification being CO2 emissions and that burning coal is the primary source.
It's more than "coal jobs."

Unlike the past and current Governors of Oregon who openly oppose the export of coal, Governor Gregoire did not want to "invite litigation" or "invite problems" by expressing an opinion [read article here]. Does she really think being "silent" is going to mean no lawsuits will be filed? Governor Romney discovered what not taking a firm position on controversial issues results in.

This is not leadership and not what is needed at a national level. It makes people look at Washington and ask, "What are they thinking?" It's embarrassing to everyone.

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